How to clean the bathroom with natural products

cleaning-bathroom-londonThe bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the places at home that get dirty much more easily and much more frequently dirty. The most serious problem is the lime scale.

Now, let us give you a clue how to tackle the cleaning of this premise and what is more do it without the usage of chemicals.

All you need is lemon juice, baking soda and Castilian soap. You will immediately ask what is Castilian. It can be hard or liquid, produced by using of the same technology as olive oil, and is mainly used on the territory of Castile, Spain. This is where its name comes from.

It is quite interesting, because this product has a very wide range of usage. It can be used like shower gel, shampoo for you or for your pet, and for cleaning of the house. If you only add several drops of your favourite ethereal oil, you will come up with a great natural shampoo, containing no chemicals.

But lets get back to the cleaning of the bathroom. You will need one spoonful from all the following ingredients – baking soda, lemon and Castilian soap.

You should mix everything and then scrub everywhere with the help of a brush. Do not forget to wear gloves, because the lemon juice is something you should not underestimate. When you wash it in the end everything will be shiny and spotless.

For the bottom of the toilet you can use vinegar and baking soda. The effect is really satisfactory and you will not use the caustic detergents that are especially designed for the cleaning of the bathroom.


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