Move Out/Stay In?

moving-out-houseEver thought that it’s high time you moved out of this place and found a better one? Of course you have. But, then again, everybody does. How do you know if the time has really come for you to look for a new place? Here are some useful tips that may help you decide.

  1. Every building has a ‘life’, i.e. a certain amount of years through which it is expected that the building will stay whole and keep its integrity. But many people neglect the fact that, in order for a building to serve its full time of duty, it has to be taken care of. An overhaul is needed every 15-20 years, even for the best looking buildings. How old is the block that you live in? Consider for how long it will stay in the same condition it is in now.
  2. Think in perspective. The choice to move out into a new place is rarely an impulsive spur of the moment decision, it needs some time to ‘ripe’.  Consider different alternatives, don’t settle for the first thing that you set your eyes on.
  3. Make a pro/con list. Think about the things that made you choose your current location, think of the good and weak points of a possible change of address. It can be pretty confusing when you start going through different possibilities, considering your job location, public transport, kindergarten/school locations, close friends’ addresses, parking places, etc. Our advice is, think of the constants in your life first, the ones that are less likely to change in the next few years, so that your choice is based on your future perspectives.
  4. Think of yourself and granting yourself and your family with a healthy environment. It is a well-known fact that, people who live in less crowded areas, with more sites for recreation, lead less stressful lives. You can be one of those people.

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