The Best System for Organising Your Waste for Recycling

The Best System for Organising Your Waste for RecyclingThe best way to keep the house clean and clutter-free is to focus on recycling. Even as you read this, there are probably numerous items around your house that could be sent to the rubbish bin right away. Instead, you should care a bit more for the environment and instead of doing the direct waste disposal and dumping everything in a bin for the landfill, you should do some organising. By organising the rubbish, you make the rubbish collection much easier when you contact your local rubbish removal company. How? Well, there are a few systems you could use. Here are some tips to a better organising:

The Basic Recycling System

The most standard system you can use is take three bins, crates, baskets, or any large container, and place a rubbish bag inside. Label them ‘Glass’, ‘Plastic’, and ‘Paper’, and your system is pretty much complete. All you have to do now is adhere to this system and throw everything out in the appropriate containers. And when the time comes for junk removal, you simply call the clearance company and they come, pick up the bags and leave, saving you all sorts of money and time. It is as simple as that.

The Comprehensive Recycling System

Another method of sorting out your rubbish is making a much more detailed system – one that would require you to sacrifice most of your garage space. It still requires the basic three components – the glass, plastic and paper containers, but you also have to add those for white goods and appliances, ones for batteries and iron and wood, and so on. The comprehensive system requires you to have the knowledge to discern between the types of waste and know what to add to the three components and what is supposed to go inside them. Along with everything else, if you have a lawn, you can even set aside a small compost corner for food waste as well and have the complete collection of recycling containers. Then waste collection will basically be a walk in the park.

The Golden Middle

And then you can make the compromise between the two systems, which is the three containers, and two more boxes – one for appliances and metal waste, and one for batteries and other kind of rechargeable waste. This way you have the rubbish collectors doing some work, but they’ll get over it and you still get a better deal for your waste removal job.

Additional Ideas

One way to get ideas is to go to supermarkets or other big stores. They have their own recycling systems and you can see how they do it and copy to make them your own. Or base your own ideas on them and be innovative to come up with something that will suit you better.


But whatever organising system you choose for your house clearance, you still have to remember one thing: the consistency with which you deal with waste will ultimately be the deciding point of how good the chosen system is. You can have the most comprehensive system or the blandest one – if you do not stick to it and do regular rubbish separation and clearance, the house will not become any cleaner or devoid of clutter. After all, the system is only the end result – you still have to do the work.

At the end of the day, it is all up to you. Pick the organising system to your liking and then be consistent with its use. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time – the rubbish clearance companies can save you the effort of thinking about it at all.



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