A Guide on Saving Money during a Removal in London

Saving Money during a Removal in London (Medium)If you have just bought a new London home for you and your family, the last thing you want is to end up paying a ton of money on your home relocation. With increased expenses on preparing your new home and equipping it with everything necessary, it is worth it to consider in what ways you can pay less for the move.

There are some options, which you might not have considered at first. If you don’t own a removal or man and van company, chances that you are not familiar with the business are big. In that case you need to be careful what moving services you hire to help. You should look of the following tips, as they can save you a good amount of money:

Research multiple man and van companies – do not ever take the first and only offer you receive from a single company. Invest some time in researching other possible companies, for that might present cheaper options. Since every company has different rates, it’s likely that you will find the offers by some more favourable than others. Researching multiple man with van London services is the best way to ensure you find a deal that suits your budget.

Sell some of your belongings – if the volume of items you want to move to your new home is large, so will be the overall price of the London man and van service. While it is true you cannot do without some part of your belongings, you can likely select a few things you no longer need and dispose of them. And what better way of disposal than selling those items and making some money out of them? You can put them at an online auction or even hold a garage sale to profit from what you consider junk.

Don’t take everything with you – if you wish to reduce the price on the man and van London service, then you should move only what you consider essential. Furniture and appliances are likely candidates for moving first, but can you say the same for all of your interior items, art and clothes? The more of them you put in boxes and take on the van, the higher the cost you have to pay. So the option to take only a limited amount of items with you is real. You can always come back for the rest at a later stage.

Get packing materials for free – how is that possible, you may ask? Certain stores and supermarkets use a large number of boxes and other such materials every single day. If there are any such nearby, you can take advantage of that and get some boxes for free. For the most part, they are going to recycle them anyway, so it should be no issue for them to give you some of them.

Carefully decide on your moving date – if you choose to move during peak season, you can expect to pay the absolute maximum for booking a London man and van team. You can benefit from a sweet deal if you decide to move off-peak season. Even choosing a day different from weekend can introduce possible discounts.

Keep all of these in mind when moving to a new home. Any of them can save you a lot of money and contribute to a budget-friendly move.


Move Out/Stay In?

moving-out-houseEver thought that it’s high time you moved out of this place and found a better one? Of course you have. But, then again, everybody does. How do you know if the time has really come for you to look for a new place? Here are some useful tips that may help you decide.

  1. Every building has a ‘life’, i.e. a certain amount of years through which it is expected that the building will stay whole and keep its integrity. But many people neglect the fact that, in order for a building to serve its full time of duty, it has to be taken care of. An overhaul is needed every 15-20 years, even for the best looking buildings. How old is the block that you live in? Consider for how long it will stay in the same condition it is in now.
  2. Think in perspective. The choice to move out into a new place is rarely an impulsive spur of the moment decision, it needs some time to ‘ripe’.  Consider different alternatives, don’t settle for the first thing that you set your eyes on.
  3. Make a pro/con list. Think about the things that made you choose your current location, think of the good and weak points of a possible change of address. It can be pretty confusing when you start going through different possibilities, considering your job location, public transport, kindergarten/school locations, close friends’ addresses, parking places, etc. Our advice is, think of the constants in your life first, the ones that are less likely to change in the next few years, so that your choice is based on your future perspectives.
  4. Think of yourself and granting yourself and your family with a healthy environment. It is a well-known fact that, people who live in less crowded areas, with more sites for recreation, lead less stressful lives. You can be one of those people.